​What is allowed with Purple Bear Designs:  

  • You can create small volumes of physical products using Purple Bear Designs. These physical products can be gifted to friends and family and can be sold in small quantities. 
  • You may resize the designs, but Purple Bear does not guarantee the quality of the design once the size has been altered. 
  • You are free to mix your designs and add them with other files you may have.

What is NOT allowed with Purple Bear Designs: 

  • You cannot adjust or alter the designs.
  • Producing qualities over 499 is considered mass production and is not allowed. 
  • You cannot resell the design, share the designs of gift design. This includes any designs you have altered or added to. 
  • You cannot use any of the designs to create a new file this includes, PDF, Ai, SVG and more. 
  • You can not share our sample images or any other content from this website without our permission.
  • File sharing is not allowed under any circumstances, this also includes free designs.  

No digital files are to be shared or sold with anyone else. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or head over to our Facebook group:

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